"Privacy has a new best friend."

What We Do

The goal of our team at Zen Data Privacy is...

“...bridging the gap between global regulatory data protection policies, and the software that violates them every day.”

Privacy is not security; we all know that. Yet Security has evolved to make a fundamental shift that Privacy has not. It is fundamental for privacy practitioners to follow suit. We have to SHIFT LEFT. But shift left in our own privacy way.

Where static analysis scanners and other appsec tools find security flaws in code before it goes into production, what tools exist for privacy? There are good reasons for this - from a privacy perspective, we are not looking for input validation or buffer overflows.

What does it mean for privacy to shift left?

We call this elusive dark art Application Behavior Control™.

Our current plan is to emerge from stealth mode at the end of Q3 2023, and begin a private beta testing period.

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